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A delivery of fresh food to the Sussex Beacon kitchen. Sussex Beacon is a specialist care centre for people with HIV/AIDS related illness.

Our Charity Members

To benefit from a regular delivery or collection of food, local community groups and charity projects sign up to FareShare’s membership scheme. To ensure our surplus food gets to where it is most needed, all member organisations – or ‘Community Food Members’ as we call them – must be not-for-profit and serving vulnerable client groups meals or food parcels.



“We can give out bags of food, all from FareShare, and also provide communal meals. When there’s enough food, everyone gets a hot meal. It has also enabled us to provide one-to-one cooking tuition.”  Glenwood Lodge, homeless hostel in Brighton

Breaking the cycle of poverty

We also ask that our members provide services other than food, whether this is accommodation, counselling, sign-posting, advice or otherwise, to ensure the food service has additional social value and helps lift people out of poverty.

Our members tell us that FareShare’s food helps to:

  • bring people together over shared meals, reducing social isolation.
  • educate through cook and eat sessions, developing important life skills.
  • engage clients with other services, helping break the cycle of poverty
  • improve overall well-being, making people happy as well as satisfied through being able to access foods that could not be provided without our service.

This is how we do ‘more than meals.’

hove luncheon club - a charity member
Caroline and her team of volunteers serving their weekly soup starter at Hove Luncheon Club for isolated older people

The types of organisations we support include:

  • Lunch Clubs
  • Supported Housing Schemes
  • Food Banks
  • Homeless Day Centres and Night Shelters

and many more.

“Many of the foodstuffs we receive are new to residents, meaning they are able to broaden their knowledge around food.” The Amber Foundation

Find out more about some of the local charities and community groups FareShare Sussex works with:

Hove Luncheon Club

Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project

Hangleton and West Blatchington Food Bank

Migrant English Project

Brighton Table Tennis Club

The Sussex Beacon

The Clocktower Sanctuary

Brighton Women’s Centre