Curry Leaf chef cooks up a surplus feast at St Anne’s Day Centre

Kanthi Kiran Thamma, executive chef/co-owner at The Curry Leaf Cafe and long-term supporter of FareShare Sussex, cooked up a hearty and nutritious meal at one of our fantastic charity projects last week. At St Anne’s Day Centre, Keralan beef curry and daal was on the menu and fed over 60 homeless and isolated people, using food supplied by FareShare.

St. Anne’s Day Centre is a charity that we regularly supply with surplus food which provides for 70-80 meals each day for some of Brighton’s most vulnerable homeless people. The Day Centre is an atmosphere that provides a welcoming, warm and friendly service for their clients. St. Anne’s is able to provide breakfast, tea and a three course meal at noon. As well as offering a helpful ear and signposting to other services, clients can play games, access WiFi and have a wash and a shave; things most of us take for granted every day.

“When 60 hungry and homeless people come to thank you for cooking them lunch, a feeling greater than awards, name, fame and achievements.” – Kanthi Kiran Thamma

Kanthi made full use of St Anne’s FareShare delivery, which included beef joints and fresh vegetables which would have otherwise gone to waste.

“The best part of this was that there was not a single spoonful of waste from lunch. It’s wiped clean.”

This meal is just one of many that gets prepared by the brilliant volunteers at St Anne’s every week. The centre is dedicated to ensure that homeless people in Brighton have access to a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal each weekday and FareShare Sussex are proud to support them do so.



Nathalie Gomez de Vera is a regular volunteer chef at St Anne’s:

“I’ve been volunteering at St Annes for over a year and I absolutely love it. I come away with a great feeling of having contributed a little to society. The Tuesday team are a pleasure to work with – it really is a team effort and to see the appreciation on the clients’ faces is totally worth it. I’m passionate about food and especially not wasting food. Seeing the ingredients being delivered by FareShare to the final outcome of a nourishing three course lunch being served is very satisfying.”

St Anne’s tell us that FareShare’s service allows them “to provide tasty, filling and nutritious food to the homeless and isolated in Brighton. This gives them the energy to begin to change their lives.”