Student Volunteering Week 2018

It is Student Volunteering Week this week and we are celebrating the amazing efforts of the hardworking students that use their spare time to join us in our work tackling hunger and food waste.

Volunteers are at the heart of FareShare Sussex. We could not achieve anything without our team of nearly 100 amazing people and we are continuously amazed at their commitment and energy they bring to each shift.

We are delighted to be based in between the two main university sites in Brighton which means we are the perfect location for students wishing to get involved with their community.

Charlotte, a geography student at the University of Sussex, tells us why volunteering is important to her:

When you’re a student it’s easy to forget that the real world is still out there and the problems we are studying are current. Volunteering gives me perspective and motivates me to keep studying because I hope to make a real difference in my future career. Once I started volunteering at FareShare I didn’t want to stop, it’s such a caring and supportive environment… and it’s fun!

Volunteering has helped my passion for fighting food waste and poverty grow. We all see the poverty in Brighton so it’s empowering to be a little part of fighting it. I’ve made lots of friends from all walks of life, and gained confidence.

Students have the potential to have a massive positive impact in the local community. We have so much energy and knowledge to give, and it’s a great change from the usual studying in front of a computer screen all day.”

Nabhojit is currently completing at masters at Sussex University. This Student Volunteering Week he tells us about his motivations to get involved.

Volunteering is a great way of meeting people from different backgrounds in an informal setting. I volunteer because it gives me an opportunity to do some meaningful work for the society in which I live, to know the people from this society, learn from them, understand the nuances of language and culture and getting close to the tradition of the people in the area.

I have gained lot of knowledge about people, their food, their culture and how they relate to their day to day life. I have been able to make some wonderful friends and I have learnt from them how to work together and take joy out of work. I have gained respect among my peers who listen to my stories related to volunteering with great interest. There is also an increased interest towards this entire concept of food bank, reduction of wastage, structure of the organization and the operations.

Students coming from different countries outside the UK can have better understanding of the local community while undertaking volunteering work. There will be a cross-learning also which would create conducive environment leading to better understanding of culture and tradition by the students as well as the host community. Volunteering is also a good way of learning about organizational systems, team work and trying to find innovative solutions to undertake challenges in the field of community and social work.”

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with FareShare Sussex, take a look at our opportunities and apply today.