Tips to avoid food waste: fruit & veg

We all know that eating more fresh fruit and veg is good for us, but it can sometimes be tricky to make use of it all before it spoils. So here are a few tips on preventing the amount of food that ends up in the bin this summer, which will save you money at the same time!

  • Know your food

Certain foods like different environments, for examples, berries prefer to be in chilled environments at home whereas, potatoes are best kept in dark places like cupboards. Don’t get those two mixed up! Check out this comprehensive guide to storing your fruit & veg.

  • Buy what you need

Only buy food that you need to save money, time and waste! Avoid BOGOF deals which may lure you into buying more than you need. You may want to start shopping at green grocers where you can pick the exact amount you want.

  • What to do with greens?

Salads are a summer favourite, but keeping them fresh can be difficult. The best thing to do with green leaves would be to wrap them around some kitchen roll, for the excess moisture to be absorbed.

  • Beat them to the chase

Chop up fruits and vegetables and put them in labelled zip-lock bags in the freezer. When ready to use just defrost and add to your meals. This saves you time having to prepare vegetables for cooking, whilst also stopping you waste perfectly good food.

  • Don’t keep strawberries in the punnet

Keeping strawberries apart helps keep them fresh for longer and stops mould spreading from one berry to another berry. Line them up!

  • Avocado hacks

With Briton’s spending almost £50 million on them in 2016, the avocado is certainly having its moment. However, they can turn brown when left in the fridge so simply add a dash of lemon juice over your slices for them to keep their green colour. This also works for your apples.

  • Hang your onions upside down

Keeping onions hanging on a wall in its net helps them stay fresh for longer. It allows onions to breathe, extending their shelf life.

  • Bananas

Sometimes things are better when they’re extra ripe! Turn those browning bananas into delicious banana bread. Check out Tesco’s Nothing Wasted Banana Bread recipe from one of FareShare’s charities The Bo’ness Academy in Scotland.

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