Volunteers’ Week 2017: Jude’s story

Here at FareShare Sussex we are so proud of our team of volunteers. This Volunteers’ Week – 1st – 7th June – we are celebrating the hard work and dedication of all of the food heroes that come in every shift, whatever the weather, and do an amazing job ensuring charities & community groups across Sussex get their delivery of surplus food to feed our community’s most vulnerable residents. We could not do any of it without them and they inspire us to work harder every day.

We wanted to share a wonderful testimony written by Jude, who volunteers every Tuesday as a warehouse assistant.

An Ode to FareShare

I came, I saw, I conquered or veni, vidi, vici.

I came to FareShare as a volunteer a year ago now. Sad, lonely and definitely lacking lustre. All was changing around me with poorly elderly parents, bereavement, children leaving home plus long term issues of my own. I had lost my way but knew I had to find it again. So, I found FareShare and joined the merry band of 70 helpers. A place where everybody matters and nobody’s birthday is ever forgotten. So nice.

I saw kindness, helpfulness, encouragement, support and an awful lot of food! Having lived on a very frugal diet for sometime that was a joy in itself, very comforting. Yes, free lunch and hot drinks as and when on work days. Little things matter when you have been without.

I conquered fear and have belief in myself again.  Yes, everyone knows, or should do, what a wonderful service FareShare provides, but do they know how much they support all the folk who work there too? Everyone is treated as an individual and it feels like a complete tonic being there, helping others, having a natter and my own needs met into the bargain. One year later I am back on my (push) bike, driving a car, and have somehow managed to get myself a nice little paid job too. Now if anyone had told me I could do this I wouldn’t have believed them. In fact, people did tell me, kept on telling me, but the team was always there to listen to my ups and downs and to push me forward. It was hard at first, and I am incredibly stubborn, but they didn’t give up on me when others had.

I am me and I matter, thanks to FareShare.

Thank you so much for everything,