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Reaching Surrey

Feed: Train: Educate Partnership

Will you help us expand our charitable services to reach people in food poverty across Surrey?

There is a huge need that is currently being unmet – and we want to do something to address this.

We are aiming to get a permanent home for FareShare in Surrey, together with partner organisations Foodwise TLC and Neat2Eat CIC.

We need your vote  to help us win funding from Your Fund Surrey.

Just follow this link and click ‘agree.’ To help us reach more people you can click ‘share’ to let your friends on Facebook or Twitter do the same.

Below is an extract from the project proposal that you can download in full here.

Aims of the project

The Parties are  seeking to fund a £3.75m purchase of a freehold commercial property in Sheerwater, Woking, Surrey GU21 5SU, as a permanent base for the delivery of their services.

The property would be approximately 15,236 SQ FT in size and be utilised by The Parties as follows:

  • FareShare – Food Storage and Distribution warehouse & offices – food provision to charities and community groups all across Surrey;
  • Foodwise – One Training/production Kitchen and head office;
  • Neat2Eat – Two or three Cloud Kitchens for use by local businesses/entrepreneurs & Foodwise;

The Fareshare operation would add Surrey to their Sussex operations, receiving large-scale food deliveries from food producers, manufacturers and supermarkets (thereby reducing food waste) and distribute the same to charities and organisations capable of feeding their local communities across Surrey.

The combined reach of The Parties addresses many needs (including but not limited to):

  • Food Insecurity/Poverty;
  • Child Poverty;
  • Employment of Young Adults (NEET) and general employment;
  • Training and education of employees including apprenticeships and diverse range of workplace opportunities;
  • Reducing food wastage across the County and supply of free/low cost food to charities;
  • Increasing health and well-being of recipients, including tackling Obesity and providing nutritional food, recipes and training on all of the above;
  • Delivery of Holiday Hunger “Fun and Food” days in School Holidays
  • Freezers located within local schools to feed families struggling from food insecurity;
  • Green approach to operational activities and distribution;
  • Support of local businesses and entrepreneurs by making available operational kitchens (fully equipped) for hire or use. Mentoring and assistance provided for young entrepreneurs/newly qualified chefs enabling business development and growth;

  • Fully funded Commercial Property provides long term base for County support:
    • Multi-functional site provides all aspects of food provision and supply:
    • Good location to serve the entire County (M25 on the doorstep)
    • Low cost base with income generation aids sustainability;
    • Sizeable premises enabling future growth;
    • Location needs investment and employment;
    • Safe access for larger vehicles away from pedestrian areas;
    • Ability to install greener energy options over time (electric vehicles, solar panels etc.)

  • Benefiting thousands of Surrey Residents through FareShare food partners