Tackling food waste by putting surplus to good use 

Burying waste at landfill sites haFareShare_Phase_II_SimonCallaghanPhotography.com_104s serious environmental consequences and wastes valuable resources unnecessarily. Sending food that is good to eat to energy production or animal feed while people go hungry is wrong. By making sure food is used to feed people instead of being wasted, we turn an environmental problem into a solution, helping to feed thousands of vulnerable people every week.

We are proud to work with over 100 different suppliers who help us provide our service. From well-known retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers, to smaller independent companies and local cafes, they all think food waste is unacceptable.

They believe that their surplus food should be used as a resource for the community, and they see us as an ethical, safe and positive way to make this happen.

The food we save is in date and good to eat, but has become surplus for simple reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf-life.

In the last year, we worked with the food industry to redistribute 675 tonnes of food, which contributed towards feeding over 12,000 vulnerable people every week.

barcoombe 2Want to hear more about how we work with our current suppliers? Or if you’re a food business and thinking of an ethical solution for your surplus, take a look at how to donate food.