The historic town of Lewes is home to The Phoenix Centre. The Phoenix Centre provides services to older people  living with age related illnesses and disabilities. Food donated by FareShare is able to make lunches for 20 daily users at The Phoenix Centre (plus visitors from the community and local Alzheimer’s group). Service users describe the lunches as always warm, and tend to meet their expectations.

“The food here is really nice” – service user

Phoenix Centre also provides their service users with healthy snacks, such the oranges that FareShare frequently donates to the centre. The Phoenix Centre also receives donations from our project FoodCloud. FoodCloud enables charities to directly collect food from local Tesco stores. Staff at The Phoenix Centre make sure that all food donated to them is made use of.

“Yesterday we got lots of apricots from Tesco’s [via FareShare FoodCloud] so I went to the chef and asked her to change the menu to apricot crumble so that they wouldn’t get wasted.” – Andrea

The food FareShare provides is also enjoyed by members of the community who come to the centre for community lunches with the users. The centre is able to to alleviate loneliness and introduce new people to the centre through the course of eating together.

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