Feeding our city – How can you support the community?

Much of our work benefits vulnerable adults and people experiencing deprivation, isolation, poor health and other life challenges. Our work makes lasting changes to habits and behaviours which improve lives and, feeding our community plays an essential role in tackling these issues.

 “The service from FareShare enables us to run the café, we would be financially unsustainable without it. We need to keep food prices extremely low to attract clients in food poverty and to give free meals to food bank users” A volunteer from Merstham Mix project tells us.

Volunteer cook at Merstham Mix Community Cafe

If you are a food business, event organiser or organisation that have or are anticipating a surplus of food that can be safely donated to us at FareShare Sussex or another food project there are several actions you can take.

Firstly, you can contact us directly or visit our ‘Give Food’ web page and we can discuss whether we are able to rescue your surplus food.

Additionally, if you have food to offer at the weekend, evenings or especially with a short used by date, we might not be able to respond or take your surplus food. In this instance we advise you to donate to a local food bank, or to one of our many local supported accommodation services, which can often accept perishable and ready to eat food donations outside of daytime hours. Click here for a food directory.

FareShare are mainly run by volunteers who donate their time therefore, regretfully we cannot always deal with your surplus (as much as we would like to!). 

Cafes and restaurants could also consider using an app called ‘Too good to go‘ which sell meals at a reduced price to people before they become surplus.

You could also think about donating to one of our city’s two Community Fridges, which are housed at Phoenix Community Centre and Whitehawk Inn.

“Whitehawk Inn serves one of the most deprived communities in the country. The contrast with other areas in Brighton and Hove emphasises the need for a dual approach, one which will attempt to reduce food waste – a national problem that also affects our city – while also addressing food poverty. We are developing partnerships to ensure regular donations of surplus food. Until then, we are informing community members when donations are due”. Mirco Cordeiro, Scheme Coordinator at the Whitehawk Inn tells us.

No food is waste food

There are occasions when you may have food waste which is no longer edible, in this instance why not consider donating it to generate renewable energy with BHESCo?

Our food distribution and food storage processes are subject to strict food safety requirements. For more information on this and for legal and food safety advice, please visit WRAP’s guidance on surplus food donation for the Hospitality Sector.

Are you an individual or require specific needs?

If you are interested in receiving regular food donations, especially with specific ingredients, please get in touch with us at FareShare. We can also advise you on the Fareshare Go project, which can offer more flexible donation arrangements directly from a retailer.

To donate surplus food from home, particularly if it is perishable or in opened packaging, please download the Olio Food-Sharing App, share on Food-Sharing Facebook groups in West Hove and surrounding areas, central Brighton and east Brighton, or share your offer on Freegle.

Also, if you think your home/garden/allotment donation will be suitable for a charitable food project, then we’d love to hear from you.