James, Danny and Finn looking apprehensive just before their ride!

“I was part of the FareShare Megariders, a group of friends from Brighton whose collective interests include dancing, punk rock, cycling, comics and watching too much television. We took part in the London to Brighton bike ride, it took something like 4 hours or so (thanks mainly to my team-mates’ competitiveness) on a nice sunny day in August.

We chose FareShare because they do great work across Sussex to tackle food poverty and waste, two issues which, sadly, seem to persist in the UK today.

We gained so much from the experience; we are certainly healthier from all the riding! But also, a lot of satisfaction in knowing that we’ve helped a good cause a little bit. It was also good to have a common goal to work on with a group of friends. We raised over £1000 in the end, which I found out will pay for the charity to deliver food for an amazing 6200 meals, which really makes all the effort worthwhile.

If you are thinking about fundraising for FareShare Sussex, I’d say go for it! There are a whole bunch of ways to fundraise other than cycling, but I can definitely recommend it as a good way to keep fit and see more of your local area.

Using JustGiving makes it easier to set targets keep track of donations without having to carry around loads of change. We also used Facebook and Twitter to hassle friends and family which turned out to be pretty effective.

FareShare were very supportive and promoted what we were doing through their website and social media pages. The only thing they could have done extra would have been to push us up the hills, but knowing we had their full support gave us that extra oomph we needed to make it up the dreaded Ditchling Beacon!”

– James Parmenter, MegaRider and FareShare events volunteer