There are eight of us who work in the Academic Services Team based in Mayfield House at the University of Brighton. As a team we are signed up to the Green Impact Scheme which is run by the NUS. One of the scheme’s criteria we chose to complete was to hold an environmentally themed event during Green Week.

Several members of the team had heard about FareShare and we decided to support them because it’s a great charity which provides an excellent service to local people in need. We also thought it was appropriate given FareShare provides a very sustainable service by redistributing quality surplus food which would otherwise go to waste.

Given everyone’s general love of cake and homemade baking we decided to hold a bake sale to raise money. It was held in the building where our office is based and University staff and students supported the event. It was also great that Fareshare staff attended and were able to talk to staff and students about the charity. One of them even made some lovely muffins too!

Bake sale - Fareshare

It was great for the team to hold the bake sale. We all felt good that we’d raised nearly £200 and it felt even better when we heard that each £1 we donated provided £6 of assistance to those in need which is such a fantastic return for our efforts! It was also good fun and generally a great moral booster.

Although several of us already thought FareShare is a great charity to support we were even more convinced after the bake sale. For instance the staff were very organised and committed to helping us before and after the event. They came to the event fully prepared with t-shirts, banners, leaflets etc. and really helped create a buzz. Students and staff enjoyed talking to them and finding out more about how Fareshare helps disadvantaged people in our community and contributes towards a more sustainable community. The fact that £1 becomes £6 is a real bonus because you know the money is being used to the maximum and represents such a great return for those in need.

It’s very easy to think there’s not enough time in the day to fundraise for a great cause, especially when you’re doing it at work. However, it’s surprising how much can be achieved when several people contribute just a bit of their time. Once you decide to do something it gathers a momentum of its own and becomes a great thing to be part of.

Never underestimate the value of making time to plan something well because it makes everything easier in the long run!