not so phallic beans“I am a freelance illustrator specialising in screen printing and hand drawn illustration.

I knew a bit about FareShare through the refugee centre I volunteered for a few years- they were our main supplier of food for the big lunches we did. I think they’re such a valuable charity because they don’t just tackle one problem but several- reducing food waste, providing food for those who don’t have enough and offering opportunities for people who’s past might make it hard for them to find work.

I think a lot of people don’t realise that there are millions of people in the UK living in food poverty, reliant on food banks. FareShare is so important because it does the most valuable thing- it gets the food to the projects that need it!

A large part of my work is designing and ethically producing products (stationary etc) and so I designed a special range of food-themed products, exclusively for FareShare Sussex, and a portion of the proceeds from every item goes directly to them.

Katy Christianson FareShare products 1

It has been a been really positive experience as I have got sense that my work might be contributing to something really great, and have had the chance to design and illustrate something with real meaning. Plus vegetables are great fun to draw!

If I was to pass on some tips based on my experience fundraising, it would be to think outside the box. Think about the people who may not ordinarily support a charity like FareShare, maybe because they aren’t even aware it exists. Someone might pick up a product (or a cake for example!) just because they like it, and thereby raise some money and perhaps learn a little about the charity without even realising it. I think it’s been a hard few years for fundraisers, with people more reluctant to part with their hard earned cash, even for a good cause, so be creative with your fundraising ideas!”

Katy Christianson, freelance illustrator and long-term FareShare Sussex supporter.