Tony’s Story

Tony has been volunteering with FareShare Sussex since 2013, having previously volunteered for a year in the Red Cross shop on London Road. He came to FareShare looking for more active work. Once homeless himself, Tony knows how valuable FareShare’s work is, and the positive impact it has on vulnerable members of our community. Due to his past experiences Tony has a good understanding of all the charity projects around Brighton and puts this knowledge to good use with FareShare.

“I understand the struggle of those living on the street to get enough food. It’s really hard for homeless people to find food with supermarkets cracking down on ‘dumpster diving.’”

Tony values the structure that volunteering at FareShare provides and has taken advantage of our fork lift training to help him progress his career. He now teaches healthy cooking on a budget workshops at the residential rehab that once supported him, using food from FareShare.

“I remember when we had a glut of apples at FareShare and at the Rehab we made apple everything! Apple pie, apple turnovers, even toffee apples!”


Nicola’s Story

Nicola has a history of working in the charity sector, having worked as a manager at Emmaus, one of FareShare’s member projects. Her time at Emmaus made her aware of the impact surplus food has in reducing costs in the charity sector. Previously she owned and ran a vegan produce store in London, where she made sure that any surplus food was given to any hungry individuals who may have needed it.

“FareShare Sussex was the perfect project for me to get involved with as it’s a progressive organisation that is very proactive in the community.”

Like many of our volunteers here she enjoys the physical aspects of volunteering, and she believes her hard working nature contributes to the continued success of the organisation. Keen to help out wherever possible, Nicola also supports us at community events as well as her regular shifts in the warehouse sorting food and driving the delivery vans. She was a key member of our team during the Feeding the 5000 event in October 2015, transporting food and working on our information stall spreading our message to local residents.



Neil’s Story

Neil is retired, and spent his career as an
environmental law professor
working closely with De Montfort University in particular. He was part of the team responsible for starting the first food law masters at De Montfort, which looks at food marketing and hygiene law amongst other topics, thus his interest in food has always been strong.

Alongside his career Neil has always had a strong passion for the charity sector, having previously been Chair of Trustees for a small rural housing charity in Leicestershire. More recently he has volunteered for the Red Cross where he used his expertise to train colleagues in the field of international law when they were deployed into war zones. FareShare offered Neil a more relaxed environment in which to offer his services.

“I now rather enjoy being set to work in the warehouse, performing duties which would have been out of my comfort zone a few years ago.”

Neil was attracted to FareShare due to the huge variety of people who work with us, and was impressed by our operations being so well run and by our clear overall objectives. When he first started Neil was shocked at the level of food waste in the industry. While he has now come accustomed to it, he still believes it is unacceptable and works hard helping FareShare to reduce the amount that ends up in landfill.



Richard’s Story

Richard first heard about FareShare through the CRI St Thomas Fund, having spent time there as a client when going through a period of rehabilitation. He now works closely with the project itself, running group therapy sessions with individuals who are struggling with homelessness or drug addiction.

Richard became involved with FareShare around 2 years ago as he wanted to get to know people in other projects across the area.

“Volunteering with FareShare has been the ideal way to give back to a community who helped my get back on my feet.”

He enjoys going out driving the vans making the deliveries, as the physical aspect of volunteering here helps to keep him healthy and the social aspect is something that helps to keep him coming back. FareShare also helps to give Richard structure to his week and offers downtime from the therapy sessions he runs as these can often become quite intense.

Richard often gets to see first-hand the effects of FareShare’s work in the community.

“FareShare offers a vital service in restoring respect and pride to those members of our society who suffer from food poverty. People no longer have to give up their ‘dignity’ in order to feed themselves. “

During his time with us he has successfully completed his forklift refresher training along side his Level 2 in Food Safety, which comes in handy with his work at St. Thomas as he is often preparing food.