Ash’s Story

Master’s student Ashley first heard about FareShare when she was writing her undergraduate dissertation on waste management.

“I think FareShare is fantastic. Sussex has a huge problem with homelessness so FareShare’s work is so necessary here.”

“Volunteering for FareShare is an enriching experience that everyone should get involved with,” she says. “Not only is it a lovely charity, it’s so flexible that it can fit into anyone’s life. Also, you can actually see how beneficial the charity is when you work there, and it actually feels like you are making a difference.”

Mark’s Story

“I am proud of being a survivor – I haven’t had it easy being mixed race, brought up in care and gay, I’m proud of making it to 61 laughing all the way.”

Mark is a volunteer warehouse assistant and came to us after volunteering at Lunch Positive, a community food member FareShare provides food to. His favourite thing about volunteering is meeting new people from different backgrounds and making new friends.

I feel proud of what I do here – I’m learning all the time, finding out different things.”

The variety of projects is fascinating and meeting the people on the receiving end of this food brings me joy.”

Rick’s Story

Rick lost his brother to cancer and this led him down a path he wasn’t proud of. After time in prison and reflecting, Rick decided to make a change. Discovering FareShare in 2018 through the job centre, he started volunteering.

“The volunteers and staff were so polite, helpful and passionate about helping those in need. They didn’t see the old me, they saw the person I am today. I hope that my story can show that no matter what happens in life, you can always turn your life around and help other people. Thank you.”