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We rely on the generosity of local and national businesses to provide our services.

How to give

We are a member of Work for Good, which allows companies to easily give money. Work for good creates a commercial participation agreement for your company (a legal requirement) so that we can receive your money with no hassle.

If you are interested in giving through your business, and would like to know more, please contact Anna.

It is heartening to see the number of organisations receiving food from you during 2020, and humbling to see all that you have had to do to keep that service going.

Sally Case, Director, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable trust. Current Funder

How your donations will help

As a charity we are entirely dependant on raising income. Over the years we have done this by a combination of reaching out to Trusts and Foundations, running fundraising events, approaching local businesses, developing and individual giving scheme and applying to statutory bodies.

We are an organisation that provides great value for money, primarily through utilising a great army of 150 volunteers. However we still do have overheads that include staffing costs, warehouse hire, and vehicle rental.

We are a key emergency food responder during the current covid-19 pandemic. Please see our 2021 Impact Report for examples of the important work we are achieving:

Corporate giving

Some of the businesses supporting our work are: