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Earlier this week our brilliant Volunteer Coordinator Josie sent an email round to our team of 100+ volunteers, full of useful links and supportive sentiment. It seemed the ideal thing to share on our blog during Mental Health Awareness Week to spread the support as far as we can.

Mental Health Awareness Week is a campaign started by the Mental Health Foundation who do great work to prevent mental health problems. The theme this year is kindness, which seems so appropriate right now.

“We have learnt that amid the fear, there is also community, support and hope.”  

Mental Health Foundation

This speaks to us here at FareShare Sussex, where every day we witness acts of kindness, from the smallest of gestures between volunteers looking out for each other, to the transformative donations coming in from strangers supporting our work.

So to add to Josie’s brilliant list, the Mental Health Foundation’s website is full of incredible resources including these simple guides to looking after your own mental health.

Over to Josie:

It has been an incredible and unpredictable  few months and we have been through a LOT together. I feel blessed to be a part of this great team. I myself have started to feel the frustration of this situation, I miss my loved ones and I miss doing  activities that are good for my mental health. 

I thought I would put together some useful links that I have come across during this pandemic and throughout other work that I have done.

Mental health:

I have found this ‘mind plan’ good.

There are also some useful  wellbeing apps you can get here to help with mood checking and you can connect to the supportive online community from the mental health charity Mind with the Elefriends App.

You can pretty much find everything you need on the Mind charity website here is the directory of services

Caring for someone:

If you are caring for someone there are some resources here via Carers UK that might help.

You can request help for yourself or someone you know via the Brighton & Hove council website here.


I struggle to sleep well so I find listening to music at night helps and there are some good playlists on Spotify called ‘sleep’ or if you search mindfulness and meditation you might find something you like.

Lavender has been a constant throughout this pandemic! I put a few drops on my clothes and use it in the oil burner/diffuser.


I love the campaign to end loneliness.

Find your local mutual aid group here  They have volunteers who can shop for you, come and have a chat, give you a ring, bring you some gardening equipment!


If you are struggling with not having the tech to contact people via the internet you can ask for help here.

If you can’t afford to be on the phone all the time BT have a plan that you can apply for if you are on a low income  called BT BASICS you can apply for it here.

Money Advice Brighton & Hove


BHT have some  useful  links  about housing services here.


Here is a handy website to find jobs with immediate starts, add your postcode and see what comes up in your area.

Stay  happy  by reading good news here

That’s it from me.

Stay safe and well

Josie x