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Today is Earth Day 2022 – the global day of action for our beautiful planet. Although we think every day is Earth Day.

Stopping climate change is at the core of what we do. FareShare Sussex has two aims: to feed people and to stop food waste.

We recently launched the FareShare Sussex Green Team, led by Kelly Dibbert, our Development Manager. The team includes volunteers, trustees, our CEO, our Senior Management Team and other staff members from across the business and we have a comprehensive action plan to cut our carbon footprint by at least 30% by 2030

In 2020 our operational emissions were 54.5 tCO2e. 

The largest parts of our operational carbon emissions are:

  1. Diesel for our vans that deliver the food to our Community Food Members – a whopping 53%
  2. Gas and electric – a massive 33%
  3. Volunteer and staff commuting – a HUGE 11% – despite 8 of our staff team cycling to work!

This is what we are already doing to cut our emissions:

  1. Using an electric van and cargo bike to cut toxic fumes and carbon emissions in the city and across Sussex
  2. Using Ethical banking: The Co-operative and Triodos Banks that do not invest in fossil fuels. The UK’s five biggest banks – Barclays, HSBC, Natwest, Lloyds Banking Group and Standard Chartered all invest billions in fossil fuels.
  3. Our work based pensions are with the most ethical provider Nest 
  4. We are members of Ethical Consumer – all the information and inspiration you need to revolutionise the way you spend, save and live.
  5. We have an Ethical Procurement Policy that we revise every year
  6. We recycle 37.6 tonnes of cardboard and biodegradable waste – via Paper Round
  7. We recycle our pens through The Green Centre at The Open Market
  8. Using Surplus Surplus food (food that we can’t get to projects as it’s almost past its best) to cook hot, healthy, low carbon lunches every day for 30 volunteers and 17 staff – stopping even more food waste
  9. We have a Volunteer Pantry – surplus, surplus food is taken home by volunteers to use that day
  10. We use Eco-cups for volunteers – reusable coffee cups with people’s name on them instead of disposables
  11. Turning off lights in our spare office, toilets and stairwells when not in use
  12. Not leaving lights or PCs on overnight 
  13. Providing and using bike racks and a shower for staff to use for active travel
  14. Use a very cool Vektra kettle for teas/coffees – an eco “flask” kettle that keeps the water hot for up to 4 hours!
  15. We lowered the thermostats to 18 in our offices – we put on a jumper when it’s chilly.
  16. Record our meter readings (monthly)
  17. Delivering FLAVOUR project Surplus Food Cookery Workshops to help stop food waste in the home
  18. Collaborating with other businesses such as Higgidy, The Big Lemon and Propellernet and Sustainable Squad who are all cutting their emissions too.
  19. We are part of the Surplus Food Network – a network of surplus food projects all working together to cut food waste!

Next time we’ll update you on our Quick Wins that the Green Team came up with at our kick off meeting. The quickest way to cut our emissions would be to buy more electric vehicles so if you’d like to sponsor a van please get in touch! Got any more top tips – please share them with us!