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Thanks to a partnership between Tesco, FareShare UK and the Irish social enterprise FoodCloud, our small team has just grown, bringing about an exciting addition to the FareShare service, connecting local charities to their nearest supermarket to collect food at the end of the day.NO-TITLE-How-FareShare-FoodCloud-Works-800x430

A big welcome to Shelley, who will be the Regional Assistant based in the Sussex office, responsible for identifying and informing charities of the opportunity to collect food on a regular basis directly from Tesco stores, completely free. Depending on store location, this will be open to any charities and groups who fit the criteria in addition to FareShare’s existing charity members. Still in the early stages of development, the roll-out starts in May, but if you are or know of a charity that would benefit from this free service, contact Shelley on 07572 228 014.

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