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FareShare Sussex is one of the ten European partners working on The FLAVOUR project funded by the European Union Interreg 2 Seas programme. Through collaborative working, partners in Belgium, France and the UK are tackling the widespread issues of food waste, unemployment and increased levels of food poverty. The project seeks to develop socio-economic business models that improve how we use surplus food as well as create pathways to employment for people further the labour market. 

There are two interconnected parts to the FareShare Sussex FLAVOUR project:

1. Transforming surplus food into new tasty products with an extended shelf life.

2. As part of our employability programme we have developed a range of fun and free cookery workshops for our volunteers, and anyone from the community, to improve their “cooking with surplus” skills. 

Let’s hear what Karola, our Training Coordinator, has to tell us about the project – what has been achieved so far and what we can look forward to. 

“The Flavour team has been busy, processing an array of products out of surplus from the warehouse downstairs. Since the beginning of 2022, we have produced a lovely selection of various preserves including Pumpkin and Raspberry jam as well as Tomato and Chilli jam. Back in January, we kicked off with a great fermentation workshop where volunteers managed to tame some surplus cabbages and carrots, getting a variation of different Sauerkrauts on the go. The cupboards are already full of colourful healthy treats!”

“With the help of Jon, one of our chef volunteers, I have held regular skill-sharing sessions throughout February and March. The aim was to engage FareShareSussex volunteers and give them the confidence and knowledge to cook with surplus and unfamiliar vegetables and learn different preserving techniques, helping to reduce food waste even further. The Bread Making Class was particularly exciting as we get to bake some sourdough, no-knead brown loaf, focaccia, breadsticks, gluten-free banana and courgette bread and even some vegan naan bread”

“Upcoming workshops will focus on cooking on a budget, learning other fermentation techniques including making kefir, kombucha, raw vegan nut cheeses, pizza class and even vegan cake baking. We have also opened the invitation to all of our community members who thought it was a great opportunity for their most vulnerable clients to come and join us.”

“Starting the workshops has been a delight since Covid has had a significant impact on the project. With all the safety precautions we are back onsite, and it feels good to see our kitchen alive again”

If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming workshops or have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.