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This year we have three places in the 2016 Brighton Marathon happening April 17th, and we’re so proud of our small team already! We like the personal touch here at FareShare Sussex so we have been getting to know them, finding out what makes them tick, and learning about all their running and fundraising tips for success.

The first of our sporting heroes is John, who is no stranger to the odd marathon…

Hi, my name’s John and this April I’ll be running the john stoddart marathon 16Brighton Marathon and trying to raise some money for Fareshare Sussex. I work at the Virgin Active in Falmer and keeping fit is very important to me. I enjoy running and swimming and love helping others get fit and achieve their goals. In my spare time I like to cook and spend time with my dogs.

Have you done anything like this before?

I’ve run nearly 30 marathons before and 3 Ironman triathlons. I love pushing myself and enjoying life outside.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Last year at the Brighton marathon I ran 2:42 and came 10th overall, but a greater achievement than this was the fact I raised over £500 for a great charity that meant a lot to me.

Why did you decide to run for FareShare Sussex?

I really think the work FareShare does in and around Brighton is amazing. There are people living in real poverty on the streets in our great city and it’s very easy to forget this. FareShare make sure these people get the food and respect they need and deserve.

What motivates you to keep going when you hit the wall?

I always try and avoid hitting the wall but if it happens I think of people in my life who have helped me get to where I am, I won’t let myself give up to make them proud.

Do you follow a specific diet when you start your training?

Bananas! It’s all about bananas! And balance, you need to eat plenty of protein and good carbs when training for a marathon but a cheeky beer or two after a hard run is a just reward.

What’s your favourite pre-race meal?

The night before I’ll eat something relatively light and low in fibre like tuna pasta or chicken and rice. Then the morning of the race its porridge with a chopped up banana.

Have you got any pre-race rituals or routines you follow?

I always make sure I take 15 or 20 minutes in the morning before the race to sit somewhere quiet and listen to some music I know keeps me calm. After that its the same warm up and stretching routine I’ve used since I was 13! I think routine is essential to keeping you calm and race ready!

Do you have any advice for people new to running?

Don’t be afraid! It will hurt and you will be sore but the feeling of finishing at Brighton with the crowd roaring is worth every painful footstep. Oh, and eat lots of bananas!

Do you have any good fundraising tips or strategy you follow?

I pester everyone, everyone I know or have ever known or anyone I meet in the street! Just tell everyone that you are doing it and why the charity you’re fundraising for is such a great cause!

What would you say to other people thinking of doing a fundraising challenge or event?

Do it. Too many people go through life feeling comfortable. You should do something that scares you everyday.

How can people sponsor you?  Please be generous!