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For almost 20 years Down to Earth has been a local neighbourhood vegetarian health food shop in the heart of Hove. Taken over by Matt in 2008, it offers an enormous range of organic whole wholefoods and high quality ethical products. Him and his staff possess a vast amount of knowledge on the products that Down To Earth offers, to ensure their customer’s health and wellbeing. When speaking to Matt, it is clear that ethical produce is incredibly important for him and the ethos of his company.

With a background in running non-retail business, Matt explains how this switch to Down to Earth was in order to find something “more rewarding” and in particular, more ethical. Matt explains how contributing surplus food to FareShare ties in with this ethos, as well as donating cases of products. Matt ensures that any extra cases which are given to FareShare can create a substantial meal for those who need them most. He describes how it is good to give anything, as what is essentially a small amount builds up and has a big impact on others. Their incredible support for FareShare over the past 6 months has remained unchanged even during lockdowns as they continued to pass on surplus food throughout this time.

He explains how there are few barriers for retailers to become suppliers to FareShare with the amount of surplus provided is always in their hands. They found the process of becoming a supplier incredibly easy, and thoroughly recommended any supplier to do it- as Matt says “Just do it, it makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face”.