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Hi, I’m Emily and I’m delighted to be the Warehouse Manager here at FareShare Sussex since March 2020.

It’s been a pleasure and challenge to rise to the ever changing demands of the Covid-19 situation, with an astonishing increase of food being sent out in the last few months. From an average of 50 tonnes a month to a whopping 150 tonnes, I was very much required to hit the ground running.

We run a fleet of 4 vans which can each be loaded and  deliver  3 times a day across  Sussex, Surrey and Kent. 

This kind of thing is what I’m built for… I love working in a fast paced environment, shifting priorities, managing logistics and problem solving all day and working closely with people, food and processes. I am passionate about food safety, quality control and I am forever finding new ways to make processes safer and more efficient  for the teams. 

My background is in events and hospitality and I’ve gained so many skills from managing projects in this sector. I am very passionate about food! I’m a trained chocolatier and through this work I have developed and now run my own small business alongside my role here – I run training workshops teaching people how to temper and work with organic small batch chocolate on the marble slab. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now and have trained over 2000 learners! That’s a lot  of chocolate… 

My role here at FareShare includes managing an amazing team of 3 Warehouse Assistants – Rik, Steve and Andy – as well as supervision of up to 150 volunteers who are the foundation and the real heroes of everything we do. I am very proud of the warehouse staff, the volunteer pickers, packers, cleaners, drivers, chefs, loaders and office volunteers. Without them all we just couldn’t keep this complex wheel turning and ultimately help to  feed thousands of hungry  people every day.

Long term, my role will include taking on board new staff members as we continue to grow, integrating our shiny new electric vehicle  and E-Cargo bike into our operations, continuing building and maintaining new local suppliers, working tirelessly to ensure every charity we serve receives good quality food, welcoming new volunteers and continuing to make sure our safety and well-being are all in tip top condition. 

In my spare time I love swimming and have taken on lots of charity swims in the past (when the swimming pools were open!) and I love to ride my beautiful bike in the woods and go kayaking when I can. I love cooking and feeding people, camping with my lovely partner Hannah and our silly Saluki dog, Feather. I love the cinema and eating dinner out, I practice intermittent fasting which helps me to enjoy food even more! 
My favourite food is good quality, single origin chocolate (of course) but there’s not really anything I don’t  eat as a vegetarian.

I hope you feel inspired to check out more of what we do here at FareShare Sussex, and even consider joining us as an amazing volunteer food hero.