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We are excited to announce a new partnership with City Food Share, a fundraising initiative supporting emergency food providers with Tap & Share contactless donation points across the hospitality sector.

Starting in Brighton in 2019, the initiative has already handed out thousands of pounds to food projects in the city and plans expand this to other areas across the country.

With this partnership we aim to reach supporters in the Sussex and Surrey areas, working with participating businesses in order to generate donations that will help us keep up our work providing food to over 140 charities and community groups in the region.

Businesses only need to request a free Tap & share unit, so customers can voluntarily tap their contactless card to donate £3. 

Businesses in Sussex or Surrey – please  contact City Food Share as soon as possible if you are able to host a Tap & Share unit.

We recognise at the time of posting we are heading into a second lockdown, but we hope to establish long-term relationships with businesses that may be happy to host a donation point when business as usual returns.

And for those businesses remaining open – such as local food stores – we would love to hear from you.

We are looking forward to supporting each other fight food waste and food poverty in these uncertain times.