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As a small, independent charity we find keeping up with the ‘digital Jones’s’ a challenge but with the continuing need to communicate our mission to our diverse community – we know having a user friendly and content driven website is vital to grow our awareness and supporter base.

“53% of charities fundraise online. Almost all of those (97%) have a social media presence”. “All of the charities that raise over 20% of their funds online are active on social media.” TechTrust reports.

An organisations website is the digital face to their community. Therefore, we recognised that a re-design and navigational reboot was essential to stay in touch with our on-line supporter’s.

Thankfully, we have a loyal and dedicated – technical supporter base and were able to enlist the expertise of Tilt, Brighton based digital company and our local digital ninjas.

“We build worlds & tell stories that change behaviours”


This redesign will improve our supporters user experience – enabling us to share our successes, achievements and further communicating the positive impact we make on our community.


Craft your supporter’s digital experience here with We Are Tilt.