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Volunteers are the heart of FareShare Sussex and they keep the project thriving. We are delighted to give them a voice through this blog. We sat down with Nicola who has been volunteering with FareShare Sussex for an amazing eight years. Her volunteering hours have contributed to 40,896.00 meals to those in food poverty. Enjoy it, you will be inspired!

After hearing about our mission to fight hunger and tackle food waste through her work with the homelessness charity Emmaus, Nicola was instantly inspired by what we were doing here. No stranger to hard graft, Nicola works six days a week for the NHS and volunteers with FareShare Sussex every Thursday. She says that she loves to be busy, and the hustle and bustle of going out in the vans is her favourite aspect of volunteering with us.

Of course, working on the frontline during the pandemic has heightened Nicola’s awareness of the changes this year has brought to the UK. She worries that the number of foodbanks has grown exponentially, with many buildings being converted for the purpose, creating more need for our work than ever.

There have been many changes here since she first began volunteering in 2013. Then the projects were smaller, the vans were fewer, and there was a much smaller team of paid staff. Nicola stresses that it’s the volunteers who are the lifeblood of FareShare Sussex, who must stay central to its mission:

‘It’s us who keep the charity going!’

– Nicola

Absolutely, Nicola – we just couldn’t do what needs to be done without our amazing team of volunteers. Thank you and everyone else.