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We caught up with Higgidy during British Pie Week which ran at the beginning of March (1st – 7th). Higgidy repeated its pie-donation scheme set up during last year’s British Pie Week, whereby when people buy a Higgidy pie in the shops, it donates a product to FareShare.

Higgidy’s origins go back to 2003 with Camilla Stephens making pies in her kitchen. Camilla and husband, James Foottit, and his school friend, Mark Campbell, set up the Higgidy brand in 2006, getting the idea of the name from a child tasting a pie and describing it as being a bit ‘Higgidy’.

Today, the company manufactures a range of food products that are sold in shops and supermarkets around the UK. It continues to expand, having launched 30 new products last year. This April alone it will be introducing nine more new products. Higgidy employs around 300 people and has recently acquired another building at its site in Shoreham-by-Sea to accommodate the growth.

British Pie Week is the highlight of Higgidy’s pastry calendar.

“For us British Pie Week is a prime opportunity to talk about all things pie. Last year we launched our ‘Share a piece of the pie’ campaign promoting sharing – whether with family, friends or those in need. This is where the FareShare partnership comes in,”

Amy Bellchambers, Higgidy’s Senior Marketing Manager told us.

“Last year, we were able to give an extra 79,000 products, and based on forecasts for this year we are looking at 100,000! All of these donations will be provided via surplus stock which helps us to reduce waste too.”

Higgidy has been an active supporter of FareShare for many years and already donates its surplus stock to us. So its contribution during pie week will be a welcome addition to this.

The company’s help has been invaluable, particularly during the pandemic.

When the Covid19 pandemic hit, Higgidy funded a full-time truck lift driver, Mark, to work in our warehouse full time for three months. This was massively important because the amount of food we were receiving grew to 150 tonnes a month from 50 tonnes a month before the pandemic. To have Mark dedicated to unloading and storing pallets laden with food meant that we could cope with this sudden increase in donated food.

The brilliant Mark who Higgidy funded to work with us in the peak of the pandemic.

“The founders are very much behind FareShare and the work they do. And, as a team we are always looking for ways to support FareShare,” Amy told us.

“Community is very much at the heart of Higgidy and what we do. Our link with FareShare is a great way of us supporting not only the local community but the wider community too as we also support FareShare on a national level. Tackling food waste is hugely important and has become even more so over the past year. Partnering with FareShare helps us combat this, ensuring any surplus stock is going to a worthy cause.”

“Food waste is now higher up on our agenda than ever before, and we are looking at ways we can help consumers tackle food waste as well. For example, we have ‘Cookalongs’ with Camilla on how to turn food that would other otherwise go in the bin into delicious recipes and we also want to share crafty ways to use up vegetable peelings. Equally, sustainability is also important and we are focusing on our packaging and looking to reduce plastic as much as possible.”

Higgidy also set up its own project last year called the Higgidy Helping Hand Scheme, whereby packages are put together with its products and those of partner brands and distributed to local charities.

“As we are in the food and drink industry we’ve been in quite a fortunate position throughout the pandemic. Luckily, our sales have been strong as people are still food shopping and looking for ways to treat themselves. Our acknowledgement of this and that many others are in a more disadvantaged position since the pandemic has driven us to want to help where we can,” concluded Amy.

We are so grateful to Higgidy for their support. And their pies are simply delicious! To find out more about our partnership, click here.