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We work together with the Surplus Food Network. The network includes us, FareShare Sussex the Food Waste Collective, the Real Junk Food Project Brighton, Sussex Economic Support, the Sussex Gleaning Network and the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. As a food partnership network, we aim to collect and distribute commercial food surplus for community benefit and advocate for food waste reduction across the food chain.

The Real Junk Food Project Brighton operates three cafes in the city where the surplus is turned into healthy nutritious food for the community. The project, a volunteer led organisation, saves approximately 6 tonnes of food every month and feeds up to 2000 people a month.

Due to the need they opened Brighton and Hove’s first ‘pay as you feel’ surplus food hub in Leybourne Parade, Bevendean welcoming in its first customers back in May.

Fresh vegetables, tinned items and chilled and other goods are all on offer, and customers can choose to pay what they want for them.

Speaking at the opening,The Real Junk Food Project’s founding director Adam Buckingham said: “This is a major step forward for us as an organisation as we will be able to work with more supermarkets and food outlets, saving more food from going to waste and feeding even more people in our city.

“We hope to continue raising awareness about food waste, educating more people about what they can do to help and empowering our communities through positive change.”



The shop will be taking donations from shops, supermarkets and wholesalers to redistribute.

The food will be donated because it is past its best before date, its packaging is damaged, it is from an old season product line or because a pallet was damaged in the warehouse.

People will be able to make financial contributions in exchange for goods, or donate their time through volunteering at the shop.

Ben Szobody, a project development manager at One Church in Brighton, who runs many charitable services for the community said: “We facilitate the cafe because it helps to solve two social injustices, both the food waste problem and the issue of affordable and healthy meals for people on low incomes it sees such a diverse range of people, from students to business people and homeless people, all eating lunch together.”

He adds; “I like that the new shop is in Bevendean because it is in a neglected corner of the city which really needs it.” 

The shop’s opening hours are posted on The Real Junk Food Project Brighton Facebook page.