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The FLAVOUR project

The FLAVOUR project is tackling the issues of food waste and poverty alongside creating pathways to employment and supporting people living in food insecurity.

FareShare Sussex is one of the ten European partners working on this project funded by the European Union Interreg 2 Seas programme.

FLAVOUR will find new models for the interception and redistribution of surplus food as well as testing out the coordination and alignment of food surplus centres over a larger geographical region.

With the whole region struggling with the same issues of food waste, unemployment and increased levels of food poverty, the project seeks to develop socio-economic business models that improve how we use surplus food.  This will include testing models such as transforming surplus food into new products with an extended shelf life.

Through collaborative working we are sharing learning and working towards influencing policy making across our borders.

The FLAVOUR partners visit FareShare Sussex in 2019

To find out more, please visit the main FLAVOUR page or download the flyer below: