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Surplus Food Network

The  Surplus Food Network  is an alliance of organisations tackling food waste by working with suppliers to distribute surplus to people in need in Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas.

The network aims to increase the amount of food being saved from going to waste by connecting with each other, local businesses and organisations providing food to vulnerable people.

Membership of the network includes  FareShare Sussex, the  Food Waste Collective, the  Real Junk Food Project Brighton, Sussex Homeless Support, the  Sussex Gleaning Network,  UKHarvest  and is coordinated by  Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

The Network aims to  strengthen the links between these projects  so that they can better share resources, build resilience and financial sustainability, and have a stronger voice together to  advocate for policies to tackle food waste and social inequality.

Our objectives are to:

  • Improve and develop connections  with each other, with projects supporting vulnerable people with food provision and with organisations offering advice (debt, housing, benefits etc.).
  • Better  communicate with residents  about the issues of food waste and food poverty and what can be done to address these issues.
  • Use our knowledge and experience of people working on interception and distribution and those supporting vulnerable people with food provision to  inform policy and improve practices  in mainstream organisations.

We are using the above objectives to improve the experiences of our volunteers, to share more nutritious food to the people experiencing life challenges, and ultimately to reduce food waste in the city.

The Surplus Food Network is coordinated by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. To find out more information including the best way to donate your surplus, visit their website.