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FareShare Sussex is all about ensuring food destined to be wasted gets to where it is needed most via our network of incredible charity members.

But what else could we be doing to prevent food from going to waste?

We believe the best way to learn and grow is to collaborate. This is where the FLAVOUR project comes in; it is a European partnership of 11 organisations working and learning together to maximise our efforts and explore innovative ways of reaching our united goals to reduce hunger and food waste. ย 

The FLAVOUR partners on their visit to FareShare Sussex

We have been exploring creative ways to prolong the life of surplus produce, particularly fruit, vegetables and milk. Product Developer Stephanie joined the team last year to trial a range of products made from the perishable food that we receive in excess. She has trialled a range of delicious products so far including chutneys, jams, ketchups, fruit leathers, root veg crisps and different ferments.

Stephanie busy prepping mango for fruit leathers.

We are looking for willing volunteers who would like to come on board.

No experience necessary just a love or curiosity on how to make the most of your fruit and veg.

Join our fun FLAVOUR  team and get your hands dirty and bellies full.

Do you have a cupboard full of glass jars that you lovingly cleaned but donโ€™t know what to do with? We may be able to help take them off your hands.

To find out more or offer your jars, please contact Stephanie at

We look forward to cooking with you.